PWS_Dashboard a Home Weather Station Template   -   BETA TEST version of the October 2019 release

Link to the production/release version here

What is a beta test? Definition from
Quality is the main purpose of beta testing as this phase allows developers and testers to evaluate the overall experience from users' point of view. Functional testing makes sure all the features of the scripts are working fine and they would perform as expected.

Demo October - release:
WD34_1911sikver using a WeatherFlow and their API as a data-source

Download and install
Use this link to download beta version October 2019-11-03 .
The download will start immediately and the zip can be found in your download folder.
Unzip and upload the pws??/ folder to your webserver. DO NOT upload the scripts to your current pwsWD/ folder

Step 1
The index.php will detect that setup need to run first. Password for easy-weather setup is 12345.
Or copy the w34_settings1.php from your current pws folder first

Step 2
To fill the history table you need to use all three cron-jobs.
Current dashboard version only uses two
   w34_cron_stationcron.php => every 5 minutes
   w34_cron_addtoyear.php => every day at 23:55
but you need also
   w34_cron_empty.php => every day at 00:10<

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Latest update: 2019-11-03 15:00 UTC