Personal Weather Station Dashboard (PWS_Dashboard) Long-Term-Support version December 2020 (2012_lts)

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Updates for version 2012_lts: You have to download a full version only once.

Use the PWS_updates script to download all enhanced and new scripts available before November 1, 2023, read the HOW-TO here.

Regularly check the list of updated scripts after October 31, 2023
Most uopdated scripts are also announced in topics in a dedicated part on the WeatherWatch forum, see below


Documentation: Documentation for WD only:

Available for the following weather-upload files: WDapi or clientraw.txt with WeatherDisplay - clientraw.txt as used by Meteohub , WSWIN and others - realtime.txt originally defined for Cumulus - now also used by Weewx, WeatherCat, WiFiLogger, WeatherLink, Meteobridge and others
Can also used for stations uploading both v1 and v2-API, WeatherUnderground , Ambient weather net or WeatherFlow
The PWS_Dashboard can also used with Ecowitt "Custom upload" .

Latest update: 2023-10-31 12:00 UTC