Personal Weather Station Dashboard (PWS_Dashboard)

Available for the following weather-upload files:
WDapi or clientraw.txt as used by WeatherDisplay
clientraw.txt as used by Meteohub , WSWIN and others
realtime.txt as originally defined and still used by Cumulus
realtime.txt can also be used by Weewx, WeatherCat WiFiLogger WeatherLink and others
and for use without a weather-program when you are uploading to or WeatherUnderground

It is not a "w e a t h e r 3 4" template, it only looks similar.
Always ask support for your product at the correct site or from the correct person.
Check the menu in your template / product for the correct support-links.

PWS_Dashboard support and questions: Demo: Downloads: Documentation: Documentation for WD only: Languages
There are 8 languages in the download. If you want to add your own language check the Add your own language link.

Missing translations:
Check this tool, it is available on your own site after installing this template:,
and use it to find the last untranslated words, add them to your language file.

Release plan:
Every 3 months there will be a full replacement release and when needed there will be a list and download of changed scripts between releases

BETA releases:

I hope you will have as much pleasure in using this Personal Weather Station Dashboard (PWS_Dashboard),
as I have with maintaining and enhancing these scripts.


Latest update: 2019-09-06 09:00 UTC