Personal Weather Station Dashboard (PWS_Dashboard) Long-Term-Support version December 2020 (2012_lts)

Updates released after 2023-10-31

datescript / zipreason
2023-11-01Free download:
Enhancements by user requests
First language tab selectable, added link to local meteo website
2023-11-03Free download:
Removal of problems:
Improved alignment in phone mode (1 block wide)
2023-11-30Donationware (needs token):
Test version Nov. 26
For countries which stopped using the area-code and switched to polygon-areas
2024-01-27Free download:
Update optional graphical forecast scripts for HighCharts version 11.3.0
2024-02-18Free download:
USA-users: adapted for new NWS coding. Thanks go to Ken True
2024-04-14Free download:
PHP8.2.16 Fatal error offset of type string removed
2024-04-19Free download:
Added extra translations for webcam2+3 and soilo-moist info
2024-05-09Free download:
2023-11-24 Add ring only setting in KISS mode, more inline with other round items
2024-04-17 Trend arrow temp visible with dark theme, bug removed trend-hum arrow
2024-05-09 Missing $arrow for no humidity trend
2024-05-09Free download:
Removed forced metric units. A leftover from test version

Latest update: 2024-07-15 11:00 UTC